Tivedstorp is the perfect starting point for longer hikes around Bergslagsleden and Kyrkstigen. Stage 16 and 17 of Sweden’s famous Bergslagsleden both starts and ends here at Tivedstorp. We also have two forest walks of 2 and 5 km right around the corner and with the beautiful wild nature of Tivedens National Park just 5 km away we can assure you the adventure of a lifetime. Offering over 30m of marked paths, the Tiveden National Park is provides the perfect place to explore the rich nature which Sweden has to offer. Regardless of how far you want to hike, there will be a route to suit what you’re looking for!


Rent a bike and pedal for 4 km to Vitsand for sun and swimming on clear white beaches or try some of the other biking trails. Various trails across the area provide a pleasant ride the novice or a serious challenge for the hardened mountain biker. Visit the National Park by bike or find your own way in this beautiful setting.


Ride on your own or rented horse along Tivedens long riding trails. Horseriding guests who come to Tivedstorp have the perfect opportunity to stay here, leaving their horses in one of our pastures. They are then free to sleep, eat and refresh before embarking on new adventures! If you wish we can even drive your belongings to your new destination for extra convenience. Contact us for more information and booking. You can read more about Tivedens’ riding trails here.


Rent a canoe and paddle in lake Trehörningen and other beautiful lakes. Contact us for more information.


We sell fishing cards which give you access to fishing in many lakes around the area. Read more about fishing at Tiveden here.


Here at Tivedstorp we have both sheep and chickens, along with also often having horses staying in our pastures. We care a lot about old Swedish rural breeds and we chose the races Åsenfår and Ölandshöns respectively. By being part of a breed and letting the animals stay in as naturally an environment as possible, we help in the work of keeping and preserving these races.

For the children

At Tivedstorp everyone should feel welcome. We especially wish our young visitors to have an extra nice stay. We all remember the summers of our childhood when we on sunny days ran around barefoot in the green grass, or sat in a small cabin and played while the rain kept pouring down the windowpane. We would like to share these experiences and we want to make Tivedstorp an adventure for everyone. The large green areas invite to fun and games and in the nearby forests there are plenty of adventures to explore for the one who dares. The wildlife is always present here at Tivedstorp and we wish to share the happiness and excitement that nature gives us.

The Chapel

The wanderer’s chapel at Tivedstorp is being used for services, weddings, christenings and other ceremonies. The chapel holds about 40 people. With the grand bells right outside, wedding ceremonies can be held outdoors in an incredibly beautiful and idyllic atmosphere. Our honeymoon suite is located at Tibacken.

For more information on how the chapel works at wedding ceremonies and christenings, contact us.