Contact information

695 96 Tived

Telephone:  +46 584 47 20 90

E-mail: boka


WGS 84: N 58° 45.5000′, E 14° 35.5333′

WGS 84 – decimal: 58.758333°, 14.592222°

RT90: X 6515754, Y 1429799

SWEREF99: N 6513214, E 47640

How to find us

By car
Take your car or motorcycle. From E20, exit at Laxå or Finnerödja towards Tived, then follow the signs to the National Park.

From Askersund, go to Laxå, exit towards Tived, follow the signs to the National Park.

From Karlsborg, take road 49 towards Askersund, exit at Bocksjö towards Tived, follow the signs to the National Park, pass through the park.

From Töreboda, go towards Karlsborg, exit at Undenäs towards Tived, follow the signs to the National Park, pass through the park.

By train & bus

There will be a bus going from Laxå to Tivedstorp everyday during 2019. More info soon. For booking and information, call Laxå Tourim Office, +46 584-10920.
The nearest railway station is in Laxå, located at the western junction between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Both regional and commuter trains stop here. Plan your trip at Resplus or Skövdebuss.

Express buses on the bus services Stockholm – Gothenburg, Örebro – Skövde/Uddevalla and Stockholm – Skövde pass through Tiveden on E20 and road 49.

The buses stop at Askersund, Karlsborg and Laxå.

On certain bus lines along road 49 it is possible to jump on or off at closer bus stops, for example Sörhamn, located 10 km south of Tivedstorp.

During five weeks of the summer it is possible to take a bus to Tivedstorp through TourTiveden. It stops here three times per week. For more information and booking call Laxå tourist information, 0548 – 10920

Hike, Bike& Ride
There are plenty of ways to get to Tivedstorp, and it can be extra exciting and fun if you choose to leave your car.

Hike on Bergslagsleden, which is one of Sweden’s longest hiking trails. It is divided in 17 stages which are between 7 and 23 km long. The trail starts at Kloten, which borders to Dalarna, and Tivedstorp represents the last stop (stage 16 and 17) before it ends at Stenkällegården.

Bike after the green marked Sverigeleden and make a detour to Tivedstorp on Tivedsrundan.

The riding trails of Tiveden have fine routes to Tivedstorp – both the rider and the horse can have a break and rest here.

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